About California Staffing

We are a full service staffing agency that specializes in working with preschools, daycares and before and after school programs. By full service we mean we offer:

  • On-call Substitutes
  • Long Term Temps
  • And Permanent Placement

Consider us the "matchmaker" between childcare programs and their employees.

Our recruiters are dedicated to seeking out those special, caring people who feel called to be caregivers and educators. We evaluate their qualifications, advise them on their career paths, and guide them through the entire employment process for both temporary and permanent employment in the childcare field.

Our marketers track the need for service in each region and carefully match our employees with assignments according to their classification and qualifications.

Unlike many other agencies, our management team has many years of experience in childcare just like you. We've been in your shoes, we know what you're looking for, both as employers and employees.

FAQ’s for Schools

No. There are no contract fees of any kind. All you pay is the hourly rate for substitutes and one-time placement fee for permanent placement. You are only billed as you use our services. If you never need us, you’re never billed. No need for cancellations.
We follow state mandated employment requirements for childcare workers including health screenings, fingerprint background checks and verification of transcripts and employment history.
Wrong. Many well qualified teachers prefer temporary employment for a number of different reasons, whether they’re at the beginning of their teaching career and need to work around college classes, or have been teaching for years and would like to lighten their work load. But no matter what part of their career, most of our employees love the variety of experiences they get from temp work. Whether it’s the variety of teaching styles and facility types or the ability to work with children from every socio-economic background, it’s a completely different experience from permanent positions.
Yes. As far as we know, we are the only temp agency that allows you to break your placement fee up into three payments. We allow you to pay 50% down, then 25% over the next month, and the final 25% the following month.

Faculty and Staff